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    Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes

    Possibly the Finest Drink Mixes in the World!

    One of the most significant achievements in the history of our company is the development of the Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mix line of specialty drink mixes concentrates. In order to maintain consistency from location to location as the company expanded, we recognized the need for a proprietary line of drink mix concentrates that duplicated the one-of-a-kind recipes in our frozen drink library. Instead of opening tubs of frozen strawberries, cans of pineapple juice and jugs of flavorings every time we made a batch of ready to freeze product, we simplified the process by putting all of these high quality ingredients in one convenient, shelf stable package.

    The company worked diligently with a noted flavoring company to develop the unique formulations and the Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mix line was introduced in 1990. Each flavor is packaged using an innovative aseptic processing system that affords an extended shelf life when the mixes are stored unrefrigerated at room temperature. They are made with real fruit juices and purees and the quality is second to none.  Additionally, this aseptic carton processing system is one of the most sustainable beverage packaging options available.  Not only are they recyclable, they are also lightweight and have a low carbon footprint through their lifecycle.

    Over the years consumer preferences have evolved and there's been an increase in recent years of consumers that prefers drink mixes that have a more natural composition. To meet the needs of this discerning group, we introduced our Fat Tuesday Selects Drink Mixes in 2008. While our Selects contain the same real juice and purees as our Premium Drink Mixes, they're made with dry sugar instead of corn syrup and natural colors and flavors instead of artificial ones.

    Today, Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes are used to make over 25,000,000 frozen drinks sold each year in our New Orleans Original Daiquiris and Fat Tuesday locations as well as the many bars, restaurants, resorts, casinos and event operators that choose to serve the finest frozen, non-alcoholic or specialty cocktails in the world to their customers - Fat Tuesday!

    Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes are also available for purchase by discerning home consumers through the Online Store of our website. Whether you're in one of our locations or at home, the party always starts with Fat Tuesday!