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    Locations FAQs

    Are franchises available?
    We do not offer franchises of either Fat Tuesday or New Orleans Original Daiquiris. However, if you have an existing establishment and like to use Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes to create an exciting frozen drink menu, please contact us at for more information.

    Are your stores like package liquor stores?
    No, our stores are more like bars and restaurants with our great tasting frozen drinks as the featured item.

    Do you cater private parties in your stores?
    Yes we do. Please contact the store nearest you for more information.

    Do you serve other alcoholic beverages or food in your stores?
    Yes, our stores generally have a full beer and bar menu to complement our frozen drinks and some stores feature food service as well.

    How can I apply for a job?
    You can apply for a job in person at any Fat Tuesday or New Orleans Original Daiquiris location.

    How can I find a Fat Tuesday or New Orleans Original Daiquiris location near me?
    Check out the Store Locator section for a store near you.

    How many frozen drink flavors do you offer in each store?
    Depending upon the size and location of the store there can be anywhere from 10-20 different frozen drinks featured at one time. When you consider the possibilities available by combining different flavors, the selection is almost endless.

    How old do I have to be to visit your stores?
    You must be at least 21 years old to enter and purchase alcohol in almost all of our stores.

    What is a brain freeze?
    It is an enormous headache you get from trying to drink our delicious daiquiris too fast.

    What is the best selling frozen drink in your stores?
    Our 190 Octane is our best selling daiquiri from coast to coast. It's a combination of orange juice and flavors and grain neutral spirits.

    What is the difference between New Orleans Original Daiquiris and Fat Tuesday?
    New Orleans Original Daiquiris locations are found exclusively in Louisiana, and Fat Tuesday locations can be found throughout the US and Mexico. Both concepts feature a large variety of unbelievably great tasting frozen drinks.

    Where is the best place to witness the madness of Bourbon Street in New Orleans?
    The best place to be is the private balcony of the Fat Tuesday Room located on the second floor of our Fat Tuesday Bourbon Street location. You can rent the Fat Tuesday Room and the balcony for your private use for any occasion. Please contact us at 800.577.3456 or at for more information.