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    Commercial On-Premise FAQs

    Are franchises available?

    We do not offer franchises of either Fat Tuesday or New Orleans Original Daiquiris. However, if you have an existing establishment and like to use Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes to create an exciting frozen drink menu, please contact us at for more information.

    Can I purchase Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes for use in my establishment?

    You sure can. Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes are available for use in bars, restaurants, stadiums, arenas, cruise lines, hotels, resorts and anywhere else that frozen daiquiris are a great menu addition.

    Can I serve Fat Tuesday Drinks without alcohol or on the rocks?

    Absolutely! They taste just as great without alcohol as they do with, either frozen or on the rocks!

    Do Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mixes contain alcohol?

    Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes do not contain alcohol. We leave the choice of what type or brand of spirits to use up to you.

    Do you have a local distributor in my area?

    We currently have local distributors in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina and Texas. If you are in a state where we do not have local distribution, or if you need information about the distributor in your area, please contact us at 800.577.3456 or at for information.

    How are Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes packaged?

    Our Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes are packaged in ultrasonically sealed 32 ounce aseptic cartons and each case is packed with 12 x 32 ounce cartons per cases. Each case yields an average of 128 x 12 oz servings per case.

    What flavors are currently available?

    We have a wide selection of flavors available in both our Premium Drink Mixes and Selects Drink Mixes lines. Check out the Fat Tuesday Drink Mix section for a list of flavors and specifications for each.

    What is the shelf life?

    Not that you could resist the temptation, but you can keep Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes on the shelf unopened for up to a year.

    Where can I find recipes to use with your mixes?

    A list of suggested recipes for each Fat Tuesday flavor is available on the individual product pages in the Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes section.

    What's the difference between your Premium Drink Mixes and your Selects Drink Mixes?

    While both are made with the finest fruit juices and fruit purees, each uses different types of sweeteners, colors and flavors. Our Premium Drink Mixes are made with corn syrup and natural and artificial flavors and colors and our Selects Drink Mixes are made with dry sugar and natural flavors and colors. Both are excellent products and the choice is yours.

    Are Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes Gluten Free?

    Yes, all of our Fat Tuesday Premium and Selects Drink Mixes are Gluten Free.

    Are Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes Kosher Certified?

    Unfortunately, our Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes are currently not Kosher Certified.