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    Features and Benefits

    There are many Features and Benefits that come from using our Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes. Here's a list of some of the more prominent ones.

    High Quality Products

    • Fat Tuesday Premium Drink Mixes are high quality drink mix concentrates made with real fruit juices and purees and the finest natural and artificial flavors and colors available in the US. Our Strawberry Daiquiri is made with real strawberry puree, our Mango is made with real mango puree and our Hurricane is made with real tropical fruit juices.

    • Fat Tuesday Selects Drink Mixes were developed with the discerning consumer in mind. The Selects are made with real fruit juices and purees, all natural flavors and colors (there's nothing artificial here!) and granulated dry sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

    • A case of our Fat Tuesday Drink Mix makes an average of 128 x 12 ounce frozen daiquiris (3 to 1 concentrate), which is 33% more than the competition that yields only 96 x 12 ounce servings per case (2 to 1 concentrate).

    • Our Premium and Select Drink Mixes are great frozen, on the rocks or without alcohol. The choice is yours.

    Aseptic Packaging

    • Each Fat Tuesday Drink Mix is packed using an innovative aseptic processing system that affords an extended shelf life of 12 months or more when stored at room temperature unopened and unrefrigerated. There's no need to refrigerate the cartons until they are opened.

    • Our Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes are packaged in ultrasonically sealed 32 ounce aseptic cartons and each case is packed with 12 x 32 ounce cartons per cases. Each case yields an average of 128 x 12 oz servings per case.

    • The aseptic cartons that we use are composed of three materials: polyethylene, cardboard and aluminum. The inner polyethylene layers form a liquid barrier for the product and the outer polyethylene layer keeps moisture out. Cardboard gives the package the necessary stability and aluminum protects the contents from light, external odors and oxygen, allowing the ingredients, flavors and colors to be retained for an extended time period.

    The Environment

    • 75% of each Fat Tuesday Drink Mix carton is made of recyclable fibers that become facial tissue, toilet tissue or office copy paper in their second life.

    • Aseptic cartons are one of the most sustainable packaging options available. Each carton is lightweight and stackable and they take up less storage and transportation space. For example, a truck transporting a load of Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes ships 95% filled content and only 5% packaging, making it much more efficient and environmentally friendly than similar products packed in glass, plastic or cans.

    • Aseptic cartons are recyclable and can be remade into variety of new products, including tissue and paper towels, office and writing paper, and green building materials such as wallboard, ceiling tiles and backerboard
    • Our aseptic cartons have been tested by the manufacturer and they've been deemed BPA (bisphenol A) free. BPA is an industrial chemical used to make hard clear plastics such as reusable polycarbonate baby bottles and it is also used in the manufacture of epoxy resins that act as a protective lining on the inside of metal based food beverages and cans. While BPA has not been declared toxic by the US Government, there has become an increased awareness of its potential toxicity.