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    customer reviews

    190 Octane
    Apr 14th 2015
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    190 Octane
    Apr 12th 2015
    Last night around midnight or so, I was getting off of work and decided to stop at the Jefferson Highway location to pick up a daiquiri on my way home. After taking my order, I handed the gentleman at the window (African-American, long black dreads) my state-issued LA driver's license. After looking at it, he walked away with it to, I suppose, ask the manager on duty if my license was real. I assure you that it is real, although it is a new 2015 license. He came back to the window to tell me they would not accept my ID because it was obviously a fake. After showing the bartender my debit card and another photo ID from being a faculty member at a school, he still refused to serve me. I understand that at times, judgement calls are to be made, but after showing the bartender three separate forms of identification, he would still not budge. I asked to speak to the manager. At this point, I would not have continued to waste my time if my ID was, indeed, a fake. The manager essentially told me the same thing, that my ID was not real. I am twenty-four years old, and although I appreciate being young-looking, I do feel that a bartender and especially a bar manager should be informed about the features of the 2015 LA licenses to avoid this kind of mistake. At my age, I do not bring any other backup ID. I am of the opinion that this bartender had spent enough time denying me service that he was not going to allow me to purchase a daiquiri even if I magically produced my birth certificate or passport. Neither the bartender or manager were polite, and they have lost a frequent customer and good tipper, as I also work in the service industry. I decided to stop at the New Orleans Daiquiri closer to my house at the Williams location where I was served and went home. Still, I was very disappointed and frustrated by the poor customer service displayed to me at the Jefferson location. I will not be back to patronize the business, and I have a mind to post my experience to the FB page.
    @ Jefferson Highway, jefferson, la
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    Banana Banshee
    Apr 11th 2015
    @ , queens, ny
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    190 Octane
    Apr 6th 2015
    I had this drink with an extra shot and I was feeling buzzed before I even finished! Love love love this and Cat 5 Hurricane. They are the strongest ones.
    @ Las Vegas, Nevada, Detroit , MI
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    White Russian
    Mar 29th 2015
    Now I know why they call it a white russian..after two of these I was with the bartender in the bathroom and she got the white russian I'll tell ya! No T.P. so I used her skirt! BooYa!
    @ Duval Street, Key West, FL, Chicago, IL
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