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    Strong and Powerful

    190 Octane is a Fat Tuesday premium drink mix. It is the same mix that we use in our Fat Tuesday stores around the country. Take the experience from one of our Fat Tuesday stores right into your own home. Just add ice and a blender. It's already fully loaded and ready to go. 

    Currently you can find this 190 Octane Premium Mix in Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina, Texas, Indiana, S. Illinois and St. Louis, at select retail liquor outlets. 

    If you don't see it, ASK FOR IT!!!!


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    Make The Perfect 190 Octane

    This video will show you how to make the perfect 190 Octane using our 190 Octane Ready to Blend mix.  The mix already has alcohol, so all you need is ice and a blender. 

    • 4oz of 190 Octane Ready to Blend mix
    • 12 oz of ice
    • Blend
    • Enjoy




    Locations across the country that carry 190 Octane

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